Solar + Storage Site Analysis

The Solar+Storage Site Analysis is a desk based evaluation that determines the technical and financial viability of adding battery storage to a proposed Solar PV installation or installing stand-alone storage. Fractal will maximize the rate of return for your project by providing business model options and co-optimizing solar and storage component sizing.

8-Step Valuation Methodology

Fractal has developed a proven 8-step methodology to complete an Solar + Storage Site Analysis.

Discover the Opportunities

Fractal designs system and business models with the highest reliability and lowest total cost of ownership.

Enhanced Reliability

  • Solar Smoothing and Firming
  • Voltage Support
  • Var Support
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Infrastructure Deferral
  • Increased System Efficiency
  • Resiliency

Direct Revenues

  • Ancillary Services
  • Grid Services
  • Capacity Payments
  • RTM / DAM Arbitrage
  • Solar PV Shifting
  • Store/Discharge Clipped Solar
  • Flexible Ramping

Operational Challenges

  • Renewable Energy Curtailment
  • Load Following
  • Duck Curve
  • Seasonality
  • CRR Shaping
  • Ramp Rate Restriction

Peak Load Management

  • Transmission Fees
  • Energy Costs
  • Resource Adequacy
  • Reduce Capacity Obligation
  • Prorated Ancillary Services
  • Reduce Grid Fees


The project deliverables for the Energy Storage Feasibility Study includes progress reports and a comprehensive final report containing:

  • Battery Profile (Energy, SOC and/or DOD)
  • Sizing vs. Performance Summary
  • Performance (RTE, Cycle Life, Calendar Life)
  • Seasonal Dispatch Models
  • System Sizing, Chemistry Selection, POI and Registration Requirements
  • Degradation and Augmentation Schedule
  • Visualization of Business Model (Duty Cycle)
  • Interconnection Requirements (Size / Location / Registration)
  • SLD and Site Layout (Optional)
  • Proposal Preparation (Optional)
  • Annual System Capacity and Delivered Energy Projections
  • Parameter and Assumption Explanation
  • Proforma and Financial Metrics (IRR, NPV, Payback)
  • Monetizable and Nonmonetizable Benefits
  • Optimized Use of ITC and Incentives
  • Optimization of Business Models and System Configuration
  • Optimization of Dispatch, Sizing, Chemistry and Augmentation
  • Business Model Capital Outlay (CAPEX / OPEX)
  • 4 hours of support after the final report is submitted