Fractal Energy Storage Consultants

Fractal a specialized consulting firm that provides technical design and financial analysis of energy storage and renewable energy projects.


Our Value to Clients

  • Neutral and Unbiased

    Fractal provides clients with unbiased, project valuation, system design, financial analysis and procurement management. We are technology agnostic and design systems with the highest reliability, lowest total cost of ownership, and maximum revenue for the life of your project.

  • Unmatched Experience

    Fractal has the most hands-on, operational experience with battery storage to include 77 MW of battery storage operations and maintenance, +GW of battery storage design and analysis and +GW of solar and wind.

  • Industry Insight

    Fractal has deep industry experience and knowledge of vendors, markets and technologies. We actively write and manage solicitations across all markets and project sizes which provides us unfiltered access to complete and real-time technology and price inputs. Fractal maintains active monitoring, data acquisition and understanding of federal, state and ISO/RTO filings, rulings and stakeholder working groups.

  • Expert Modeling

    Fractal uses powerful data analytics and custom-built models to simulate performance, degradation, costs and revenues to optimize the economics of your project. We don’t use black box software. We have developed tools for electric utilities and top renewable energy developers to evaluate energy storage and hybrid projects.

  • End-to-End Services

    Fractal can provide owner’s engineering and advisory support to financially optimize and de-risk your project. From conception to operations, Fractal can define, optimize and support your efforts through budgeting, stakeholder and regulatory approval.

  • Passion and History

    Fractal has deep experience in every stage of a BESS life cycle including installation, integration, operations, maintenance and even firefighting. Our personnel were involved in deploying the first energy storage projects in ERCOT, PJM, the Hawaiian Islands (coupled with solar and wind). Most importantly, they helped shape energy markets, regulation signals and policy.

Highest Demand Services

Fractal can support the full life cycle of an energy storage or hybrid project:

  • Energy Storage Feasibility Study
  • Energy Storage Project Design and Analysis
  • Financial Model Development
  • Market Analysis and Strategy
  • RFP Writing and Managing
  • Financial Analysis and Optimization
  • Owners Engineering and Advisory
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Proposal and Grant Preparation
  • Risk and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiations
  • Energy Storage Roadmap and Pilot Design
  • Energy Storage Education
  • Electrical Engineering Drawings and Studies
  • Expert Witness Services

Who We Serve

Fractal provides consulting services to a variety of stakeholders.

  • Electric Utilities (Muni, Co-op and IOU)
  • Solar and Wind Developers
  • Regulators and Government
  • Municipalities / Large Industrial Customers
  • Investors and Development Banks
  • Grid Operators / ISO / RTO / BA
  • Oil, Gas and Mining

Where Do We Work?

Fractal works on projects both domestically and abroad. We are proud to call Texas our home and be a part of the robust ERCOT grid. Fractal is based out of Austin, Texas in the United States. Currently, Fractal is working on projects on multiple continents including Singapore, Japan, Turkey, United Kingdown the Middle East and Hawaiian Islands.

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